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Grain drying, handling and storage
Sukup Manufacturing Company, Sheffield,
Iowa, U.S., is a family-owned, full-line grain drying,
handling and storage equipment and steel building manufacturer, serving the grain industry since
1963. The company manufactures non-stiffened and
stiffened grain bins for on-farm storage as well as
commercial operations. Sukup bin sizes range from
15-feet-in-diameter, three-ring farm bins to 156-feetin-diameter, 29-ring commercial bins. Sukup commercial bins are available with 5,000, 15,000, 30,000,
50,000 or 100,000-pound roofs.
Sukup also manufactures single and multiple
module cross-flow, mixed-flow and tower dryers.
Sukup cross-flow dryers feature the patented Quad
Metering Roll System, which prevents over-drying
and ensures more consistent moisture content. Su-

kup stacked dryers also feature the patented Grain
Cross-Over System, which reduces variation in moisture content between the inner and outer portions
of the columns as well as between the two sides
of the dryer. Sukup Mixed-Flow dryers feature exclusive, energy-efficient, vacuum-cooling technology
and convenient single conveyor unloading.
The Sukup line of products also includes bucket
elevators, drag conveyors, support towers, catwalks,
loop systems, centrifugal and axial fans, bin floors and
supports, unloading equipment and steel buildings.

Sukup Manufacturing
P.O. Box 677, 1555 255th St.
Sheffield, Iowa, U.S. 50475
Tel: 1.641.892.4222

Material handling equipment and support structures
Sweet Manufacturing Company is a familyowned and operated business, established in 1955,
which is known worldwide for premium products and
customer service.
Sweet is a leading manufacturer
of bulk material handling, conveying
and processing equipment for agricultural (smaller to commercial capacities), aggregates, wood, feed, biofuels,
and industrial markets. The company's
equipment is made of galvanized steel
for maximum life and minimal maintenance with bolted assembly for easier
installation. Sweet's line of products
can process at up to 1,397 tonnes per
hour and includes Silver-Sweet bucket

elevators, Flite-Veyor drag conveyors, Quick-Key and
Formed Channel belt conveyors, Silver Span conveyor
support systems, Goliath support towers, Silver Grip
grating and CalorMatic multi-purpose heat processors.
Sweet said it has a 60-year tradition of excellence in everything it
does and noted that it partners with
its customers to create value through
integrated, flexible solutions. It also
provides customers with a multi-lingual staff, assistance with equipment
selection and project layout/design,
installation referrals, financing options, and long-standing industry

Sweet Manufacturing Co.
P.O. Box 1086
2000 East Leffel Lane
Springfield, Ohio, U.S. 45505
Tel: 1.937.325.1511

Polyurethane wear products
Tandem Products Inc. is the Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.-based manufacturer of Rhino Hyde polyurethane wear products. Rhino Hyde urethanes are
widely utilized in the grain, concrete, aggregate, and
mining industries and are recommended for use in the
handling of almost any abrasive material. Rhino Hyde
Blue was the first urethane liner and has been serving
the grain industry since 1965.
Rhino Hyde products include: sheets and rolls for
lining spouts, hoppers, and chutes; liners for material
flow and impact problems; urethane encapsulated bin
level sensors; ceramic backed elbows; and urethane
screening media that reduces plugging and outlasts
wire screens. / World Grain / July 2018

Brands include: Rhino Hyde Blue, Rhino Hyde High
Energy, Rhino Hyde Magnetics, Rhino Slyde, Rhino Tile
Ceramic Liner, Rhino Hyde Cerathane Backed Elbows,
Rhino Wire and Rhino Grid Screens and Reli-A-Sense
Bin Level Sensors.

Tandem Products, Inc.
3444 Dight Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. 55406
Tel: 1.800.533.0509
Fax: 1.612.721.1009


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