World Grain - August 2018 - 43

[ Flour Short Story No.3 ]


Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility, the earth
and grain, watches over the fortune and magic
of the FlourWorld Museum in the form of a delicate work made of over 10,000 thread knots by German artist Kathinka Willinek. Arms outstretched, she
appears with her main attributes, the ear of grain,
wheat seeds falling to earth, and the double axe
as the symbol of female power over life and death. The goddess was said to have given grain to
mankind and taught people the art of agriculture.

The FlourWorld Museum is full of wonders and surprises. The world's largest collection of flour sacks is the
foundation of this unique museum. The designs and
motifs on the sacks tell a cultural and historical story
of flour as a staple. And suddenly you find yourself
in the fascinating world of grain. Since time immemorial, the possession of grain has led to prosperity,
culture, and power, divine blessing and worship, as
well as envy, greed and wars. The FlourWorld Museum tells this compelling story and brings the history
of grain and flour to light.

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