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Tornum Grain Cooler

HD-STAX buckets

Grain storage, handling

Tornum's Grain Coolers provide safe storage
temperature regardless of ambient conditions.
Once grain is cooled, it retains its temperature
for a long time. As less energy is needed to cool
the grain to safe storage conditions compared
to drying it, substantial quantities of energy can
be saved. Safeguarding storage conditions also
reduces grain loss. Grain is a living crop and
loses both weight and value as it breathes. If the
storage temperature is too high, you risk insect
attacks and the grain rotting.

Maxi-Lift has expanded its new bucket line,
HD-STAX, to now include 3-inch to 8-inch projection parts. The buckets, designed to improve
wear life, performance and shipping economy
while reducing down-time and storage space,
are now available in 4 inches by 3 inches through
18 inches by 8 inches. Broad corners and a wider and thicker front lip beef up the HD-STAX to
give users long life. HD-STAX utilizes a tapered
design that allows for deep stacking to reduce
storage space and improve shipping economies.

SCAFCO Grain Systems manufactures complete systems for grain storage and handling.
With products installed in over 80 countries,
SCAFCO's expertise in engineering, manufacturing and customer service has made it
a leader in providing storage solutions. Corrugated galvanized steel bins/silos and hopper bottom bins/silos are available along
with a full range of accessories, including
bucket elevators, chain conveyors, fans and
aeration systems. For more information, e-mail

High capacity grain separator

Mobile particle size

Sandblasting machine

IMAS/Milleral's high capacity grain separator
is used in harvest crop intake and receipt facilities, and in the pre-cleaning sections of milling
plants and silos. By using the same operating
principle of quadro plansifters, more capacity is
reached in less space. It provides an economical solution for processing different product
types without the need of screen change and
the optimized design and quality components
result in minimum maintenance. Cleaning is
possible by means of easily dismantled sieve
frames and a rubber ball cleaning system. The
high-resistant steel construction chassis works
with low-vibration operation.


Bühler's particle size measurement MYTA
can be used in the 10-5,000 μm range either
online for continuous monitoring or now as a
portable unit for many measuring positions.
It can be freely moved to different measuring
points in the plant. An external power connection as well as an air connection is sufficient.
The control unit is an integral component and
delivers the granulation distribution within just
a few minutes. While the online version also
allows automatic correction at a defined measuring point in the ongoing process, the mobile
version is suitable as an alternative to the classic lab sifter for different measuring positions.

Balaguer Rolls' BR-SM18 sandblasting machine includes two vertical nozzles for alumina
and corundum gunning, getting a much faster
and cleaner sandblasting process, since the
double vertical nozzle obtains a more equalized sandblasting, avoids the table exit and
reduces the shafts sandblasting. Air consumption is reduced due to the venturi system of
the double sandblasting nozzle and the cyclone suction system with hopper and bag
filter. Moreover, a constant clean and dry air
supply is obtained to get optimal conditions in
the rolls sandblasting. Sandblasted rolls ensure
an optimal flour extraction due to the achieved
sandblasting uniformity.

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